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What's the Maximum Length for an Entry?

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I know I go on a bit with some of my Entries, but I've got a nasty feeling I'm trying to post one that's too long for the system.

I've posted over 7,000 words before without a problem, except of course for Gnomon telling me off.

The piece I'm trying to post now checks out as 9,700 words in Word, including embedded GuideML tags. It seems to just truncate at around 8,500 when I try to enter it. It doesn't flag an error. It just comes back to the text box, with the last part now missing. The same thing hapens whether I try to convert to GuideML or leave it in plain text.

Am I doomed to brevity then?

What's the Maximum Length for an Entry?

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Witty Moniker

A bug developed as a result of the last dna update. There is more information in a thread on the technical feedback page. I'd give you a link, but I am posting from my mobile which is difficult.

What's the Maximum Length for an Entry?

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Thanks WM

Sounds like salvation. I'll go look.
(It's really depressing when you've just written an epic, to find out that nobody might get the chance never to read it)

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What's the Maximum Length for an Entry?

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