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Scully's Car

Scully is driving back to the police station. She is seething with rage and she's not quite sure why. 'Damn them, damn them to hell.' she rages. 'They're making a mockery of the X Files.' She wipes tears from her eyes. 'Damn you, Mulder, why won't you bloody well wake up and help me.' She starts to cry. She pulls over into a parking lot and sobs.

After she calms down she tries to rationalize her behavior. Stress?
Delayed shock? She sighs. She hadn't been sleeping well and Mulder's
recovery had stalled. She felt better after having let off steam and her
crying fit had helped too. She thought briefly about the things she had
said to Doggett she guessed she'd have to apologise for it. She's about to start the car when she hears a tap on the window. It's Ashton Wells.

'God you startled me.' she says. 'What are you doing here?'

'I came to get coffee, it's good stuff here. You look like you could do with some.' he replies. 'By the way, where's Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes?' Scully's face drops.

'Listening to the Wicked Witches of the West Coast tell them fairy tales.' she mutters through clenched teeth. Ashton laughs.

'They think the Halliwells are witches? Oh, please!' he says. Scully smiles sensing an ally.

'You said something about coffee.' she hints. He smiles.

'And maybe we can find a way to solve this properly instead of chasing boogymen. Leave them with egg on their faces.' he cajoles. She smiles and heads for the coffee house. Ashton/Azrael senses victory. With his powers beginning to restore themselves he'd sensed a spark of anger in her. With careful nurturing it had grown into full blown hatred of her partners and the Halliwell witches. Now all he had to do was wait for the split to grow wider; divide and conquor.

Halliwell Manor

Doggett and Reyes have been listening to the sisters life history; the death of their Mother, being brought up by their grandmother, the day they discovered they were witches, Prue's death, Paige's discovery. Monica was intrigued, Doggett was sceptical and it showed in his face. Cortez was right where there was good there was evil. Deep down he knew the sisters were good but in his career with the X Files and in the NYPD all he'd seen was evil and it had come too close to his home. He listened but his mind kept going back to the confrontation with Scully. He'd never seen her like this and it worried him. His mind was reeling so he used a phone call as an excuse to sit in the garden and put his thoughts into order. He got the picture of Luke out of his wallet and stared at it for a while.

'Cute kid,' says Pheobe. 'Your son?'

'Was.' he snaps, a little harsher than he'd meant. Pheobe sensed she'd stepped on dodgy ground. She handed him a coffee cup.

'Sorry I didn't mean to pry,' she said. As she hands him the cup her
fingers accidently brush his hand. She gasps as a vision swims in front of her eyes. Doggett catches her as her knees buckle.

'Pheobe... Pheobe, what's happening?' he cries. In her mind Pheobe sees him crouching next to a grave. He's speaking in a soft voice. 'It won't be much longer. We're close to catching the devil worshipping
b*****d's that did this to you... to us. Soon... very soon you'll be
able to rest in peace my son. We all will at last.' The vision starts to
fade. She gasps as she opens her eyes.

'Are you ok?' asks Doggett as Piper, Paige and Monica come running over the lawn.

'Yeah I'm fine. I'm used to it by now!' she replies.

'Pheobs what did you see?' says Piper. Pheobe looks at Piper then at

'It's nothing to do with this... I can't say.' Doggett helps her to
her feet and hesitates with Pheobe while the others return to the house.

'So,' he enquires. 'What did happen or can't you tell me either?'

'Something that helps me understand a bit more.' she replies and starts to walk back to the manor. So why did the elders show me that, she wonders. The picture was obviously his son and so was the grave. His son must have been murdered by something evil, mortal or demonic. No wonder he didn't trust them. He'd tarred everything supernatural with the same brush so it must have taken some effort to listen to what they had to say.

Back inside the manor they find Leo waiting for them.

'What happened here?' he asks. They take it in turns explaining the days events. Doggett and Reyes take him to one side.

'So what's your deal?' asks Doggett. 'The medical skills, the appearing out of nowhere, being dead? Piper said you were a Guardian Angel or something.' Leo smiles.

'I am I guess. My official title is Whitelighter. We protect the good
witches and innocents from harm. We can heal by a touch. At the moment of death a truly selfless person is taken by The Elders and given the task of protecting others. As you know I was killed in action in 1942 - I really was an Army doctor. I don't regret a thing.' he says. Reyes is grinning.

'I can feel it, the goodness in you. I don't come across it much in my job. I can't believe there really are angels up there.'

'If you're going to stick around you might want to update your paper
trail. If I can track you down I'm sure others can too.' says Doggett.
Piper and Pheobe join them.

'You're not going to 'out' us are you?' says Pheobe. 'We really need to be kept secret, for our own safety. What you witnessed today is mild by comparison.

'I don't think anyone would believe us anyway!' he replies.

San Francisco Police Department

Scully and Ashton Wells are combing through the evidence. Scully is
resenting her partners attitude towards the Halliwell sisters even more
since Reyes phoned her with an update an hour ago. She is pacing the
office floor ranting at Ashton.

'I can't believe them, they're insane. Monica, yes I knew she'd swallow this but not John. After all he's been through why would he believe them? It's her fault. I can't believe he'd listen to her. Mind you I should have seen it coming. The late nights in her office, the drinks after work, the private jokes, the looks the smiles. Ha!! The next thing I'll know is he's recommending her to join the X Files.' she snarls. Ashton smiles. It's almost time. He twists his hands infront of Scully's face and blows a powder at her. Her eyes glaze over.

'Why don't you get rid of her? She is a threat to you and him. Just do as I ask and she will no longer matter. I need her. She will restore me, serve me and anything you desire will be yours. Revenge on those who've hurt you. The restoration of Mulder to full health... anything.' he whispers seductivly. Scully nods blankly.

'What do you want me to do?' she says in a flat voice.

'Kill the Halliwell Witches. Bring me Monica Reyes. The alley outside the P3 nightclub at 8.30.' He strokes Scully's face. 'Such passion, such anger! You will serve me well. Go, bring me Monica Reyes.' he replies. She walks out of the door and goes to find her prey.

'May I be seen?' says The Oracle's voice.

'Yes.' he replies. She shimmers in.

'Well?' she asks.

'It's going very well. I have sent your unbeliever to kill the Charmed Ones.' he replies.

'How did you get him to do it?' she says. Ashton's eyes widen.


'Agent Doggett. He's the unbeliever. His heart is hardened to the
supernatural.' she says.

'I worked on Agent Scully. It was her anger I felt.' Ashton replies.

'Was it anger towards the witches?' she asks. He shakes his head.

'It was anger towards someone who wasn't supposed to be there. I thought it was Monica Reyes. I thought she was jealous of her. That's what I worked on. Is it going to be a problem?' he says.

'It shouldn't be. After all, if you kill the empath and the witches are killed the result will still be the same.' says The Oracle. Ashton smiles.

'I've waited too long for this...'


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