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The Hunt for Jack
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A radiator to keep Jack warm

Jack has started his treament so everyone wish him luck smiley - goodluck

There is a thread for clues below, Jack has been kidnapped by a famous person. Can you guess who it is and save Jack. smiley - biggrin

The rules of the game are:

Famous person yes – but the clues have to come from the Guide itself. In other words pick who appropriated Jack and look at various entries about the fiend and take your facts from there… no posting to the pages.. Who ever guesses correctly will chose and give clues to the next famous person who has kidnapped Jack. And Cal is allowed to shout out silly answers at will that have no bearing on the question. see easy smiley - erm

For those of you who don't know yet, we are playing this game to show our support for Jack who has recently found out he has cancer.
Each player will be provided with one Greeh
and one cookie
ONLY TO BE USED IN EMERGENCIES Cookies and Greeh kindly provided by Mav

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