A Conversation for Ska - The Forth Bridge Edition

You forgot so much!!!

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It's a good article, it really is, but you totally blew by where most of the action in the national ska scene is right now. It is either centered in the Denver/Colorado Springs area or up in Grand Rapids. The mid-west brand of ska, commonly know as thrid wave or ska core, is almost like a peace treaty between east and west coast sounds. It focuses on horns in small measure making a big difference. We are talking bands like Link80, Mustard Plug, Bim Skala Bim, Warsaw, Five Iron Frenzy, the Hippos, Lagwagon, and the Mad Caddies.

Plus, the word "ska" came from the word "skavoovie" which was Jamacian slang meaning something like "Keep it cool."

And right now, as we speak, France is undergoing a ska revolution. Took them long enough. Bands like La Ruda Salska, the Kargol's and Kanjor'oc are hitting it big and mixing every ska sound together. Is the fourth wave approaching? A lot of rudies around the world think so, not only because of ska bands starting to come out of places like Cario, but because some of our old favs are redefining their music with a techno, tin-canish sound. The new Skinnerbox album is "fourth wave ska" and well as a few songs on the Pietaster's album.

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You forgot so much!!!

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