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Like many things, this started with a shag. This was a shag between two consenting adults who were not cheating on anyone and so, in the tradition of soap operas, no pregnancy resulted. These people are relatives of my neighbour, who is a close friend and work mate of
my mother's. Mom is pretty big on praying (as well as fairies, angels, mermaids, etc) and so asked my sister and me to say a special prayer for these people. For me, this prayer would lead to some revelations.

I had had enough of praying to Allah. Sure, She may hear all prayers, but that didn't work to stop mom drinking. Still, Allah is the ultimate being, so I was not about to leave Her out of my prayers.

DJ Conway says that it is a bad idea to talk about one's magick, as that causes it to dissipate. I disagree; the creative thought energy has already been released into the zero-point energy and the magician's will is starting to become manifest. Therefore, I think that there is little to fear by describing my ritual.

First of all, I layed a number of pieces of paper around me to form a magickal shield against evil forces. Next I made a pentagram; this was initially composed of pieces from my dissecting kit, but I later replaced it with one made of paper. Each strip in the paper
pentagram had the Tetragrammaton written on it, as well as the name of one of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, and Metatron. Their names were all written in Hebrew, of course. This pentagram was placed upon a two-page spread of a magazine article about the imperial scorpion, complete with pictures. Finally, I put a plastic baby hawk in the centre of the pentagram, two plastic scorpions at the top and bottom, and two crystals to either side. I chose the scorpion and hawk because they are sacred to Isis, the goddess of children, among other things.

Now began the ritual proper. I started by asking Allah to infuse the paper with Her protection power to keep the evil out. Next I summoned the five archangels mentioned above to help me. Finally, I called on Isis herself.

Up until then, I had thought that the gods were basically projections of the human psyche. This experience changed all that. When I finished my calling, Isis herself stood before me. She did not have a physical presence, but I could see her very clearly. She is a beautiful woman, light black skin, clad in white, with short hair - in other words, not quite how she is shown in Egyptian artwork. Isis assured me that she would do all she could to help these people get their babies - which is rather a lot, considering she is a goddess.

After this I released Isis to go and do her bidding, but she did not leave. I then released the archangels and finally informes Allah that Her protection was not longer specifically required. I stayed in the circle for a few minutes in a state of semi-meditation, then left.
To my surprise, Isis was still there. We talked for a while, and I was informed of a numer of things. The gods are very real and they are, for the most part, opposed to the forces of Choronzon and Ahriman. Also, they do not mind me using them in RPGs - as a matter of fact,
it entertains them. 1 To end, I broke the circle for a few seconds to allow Isis to step out, then closed it again.

I performed the same ritual again every evening for a few days. Each time I did it, Isis appeared and assured me she was working to help the babies appear, but I did not have to open the circle again to allow her to exit. On the third day Isis appeared of her own free will, and brought Hathor with her. I conversed with these two great goddesses for a while and they told me they were now working together on my request. Then they left.

Two days later the archangels seemed far more real than they had before and when Isis appeared, she had more in mind than my request. She entered my body and mind and showed me images. I think this is what Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Rosaleen Norton, and Fiona Horne were talking about when they spoke of entering trance states. I was given a glimpse of the realm of gods and angels and I saw them all working together, no conflict between gods of different religions. I also saw Atlantis, and their technology. The Atlanteans fully understood gravity, and invented devices to counteract its effects. This allowed them to
create incredibly huge buildings and also played a hand in the construction of the pyramids.

However, despite these structures and technology, the Atlanteans were extremely close to the Earth, so much so that they used their great knowledge to create food that did not involve killing anything. Bacteria were used to make edible proteins and could also be used to obtain many carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. This is what I intend to do with my life.

The next day, Isis left as soon as I was done, but the archangels stuck around. Chamuel, in particular, was quite talkative and confirmed much of what Isis had said. So now pagan beliefs were being reinforced by one of Allah's primary messengers!

After a while something ended up being quite wrong with our house, bad karma making us all aggravated with each other. I changed my altar, put in a snake to represent Bast instead of the hawks and scorpions and called on Bast, the goddess of general goodness and vanquisher of
evil. Partway through the ritual, I received a thundering voice from Allah, demanding to know why I was merely asking for His protection and seeking the aid of a false god. I then turned to Allah with my problem, and She fixed it for the next day. It appears that some gods really are false...

Until we meet again, my friend, this is Hussassan, signing off.

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1I originally came across the gods while playing the h2g2 RPG magicians guild. When I tried to get to sleep, I felt the gods Isis, Osiris and Ra attempting to pull me away. At first I was afraid and sought the spiritual protection of Allah. It was only later that I figured I might as well see what these gods were all about.

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