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Adventures of Wim

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Martin Harper

A passage from a book that the residents here may appreciate...
Roughly - from memory...

'Wim' gets washed up on the shore of a small island, and sees his mentor.

Wim: "Where am I?"
Mentor: "On a small island in the middle of the main route out of the seaport."
Wim: "But why isn't it on any of the local maps?"
Mentor: "Because it has never been named. The white man cannot map what he has not given a name to."
Wim: "And if I should name it?"
Mentor: "Ahh - Then you'd create a major shipping hazard, and the international stock market would crash "
Wim: "But don't ships crash into it anyway?"
Mentor: "White man cannot crash into what he believes does not exits."
Wim: "What about the lighthouse?"
Mentor: "Umm... well I guess that helps too..."

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Adventures of Wim

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