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To kill a cold

I have a cold and as I try to kill the germs causing it,

As they are insignificant to my existence.

Somewhere else, man is taking the life of another

For no more reason other than he doesn’t think the same as he.

From prehistoric man to present day mankind

Our world has seen many changes.

Some good, some bad, as life evolves

We learn more each day, but never put it to use.

But now the globe is gripped by the greatest threat ever known.

It has forms like Greed – Power – Envy

And is manipulated by many creeds and lifestyles.

One word that will deny human life to exist in the next millennium or less,

That word is HATE!

It has been around since the time of man,

But more or less kept a low profile.

Only now in the 21st Century where science fiction becomes science fact

Has it manifested out of all proportions.

To engulf the world, tainting all life that breathes the air nature provides for free.

But think of this my fellow man,

Least you become singularly alone on this planet,

What use is HATE when you only have yourself for company?

Don’t expect answers from the gods – it’ll be too late!

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Poetry by Prof Animal Chaos

Prof Animal Chaos

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