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Have Yourself a Very Vogon Christmas by Demon Drawer

Robins toasting on the open fire

Jack Frost crushed beneath your toes.

Vogon construction work lets you shout

'Merry Christmas!' before you explode.

For we wish it could be Christmas every day.

Only if the birds stop singing and the Children turn to clay.

We wish it could be Christmas every day.

Just let the death rays ring out for Christmas.

Geltz the green eyed Vogon

Wrote the most appalling prose

And if you ever heard it

You would crinkle from your toes.

All of the other Vogons used to laugh and call him names

They wouldn't let poor Geltzie join in any Vogon games.

Then one foggy Christmas night

Geltz has an idea

Why don't I go out tonight

And blow them all away

All of the other Vogons

Never saw the dawn again

Gletz was the last one standing

And rose to become Captain.

smiley - hollysmiley - hollysmiley - holly

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