A Conversation for Some Ideas for the Short-Term Unemployed

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Nice entry-funny with exactly the right tone, I liked it smiley - smiley. If you were looking for ideas you could always add a section on some short term ways to earn some petty cash-filling on on lines forms, becoming a mystery shopper, selling stuff on e-bay that sort of thing. smiley - ok

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broe jr-braiiiiiiiiinnnnssss

Way to go, Milos! not only does it make unmployment seem like not the end of the world, but it also gives the unemployed a reason to get out of bed. this could give a much needed motivation boost and a reason to get outside and be productive. on many occasions, unemployment can lead to low morale or deppresion. reading this article very well may be the cure. I used to look at unemployment with fear, but now I see it as a short chance to be possibly more productive than I could be at a job (not nessesarily, though. I think it would depend on the job) I loved it!smiley - smiley

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