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Frank Borman

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For me Frank Borman and his crew (Lovell and Anders) were three of the most courageous of the American astronauts. For me Borman stands somewhere ahead of the other astronauts.

When you consider that they had to put all their faith in the new technology and fire themselves out of Earth orbit and into the void for the first time, they were indeed exceptional people. If it had all gone wrong they would have been literally on their own. Couple with that, they were the first crew to make a re-entry from the moon. Re-entry from Earth orbit is around 15,000 miles per hour. Re-entry from a lunar trajectory involves hitting a precise window at around 25,000 mph.

They were the first to take pictures of earthrise and photograph the lunar landscape from up close. One of my most enduring memories was watching the released film of their ground track as they transversed the moon‘s surface. It blew me away.

He was also instrumental in getting the Apollo program back on track after the Apollo 1 fire with his address to the inquiry.


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Frank Borman

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