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This description is getting worse, last week it was 'Take 8', so this week it's 'Take 12'... Anyway, every day five or more newly approved entries are recommended on the H2G2 Main Page. These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the most entertaining and interesting entries of the week, as far as I'm concerned anyway. My tastes do not reflect yours in any way and feel free to have completely different ideas from mine; it is after all a free country, unless you live in Cuba.

  • American Medical Training Ever wanted to be a doc in America? Think you can do better than George Clooney in E.R.? Well if you wanna see people in lots of pieces without becoming an axe murderer and shout things like "Get me 20cl of adrenaline STAT!!!" at frightened underpaid nurses then this is what you need to do.

  • Excuses Sorry 'Take 5' was so short last week, my girlfriend was dragging me off to the pub, my dog ate it, it's in the post... just a few of excuses that we all use when we let someone down. If you're running low then here is a list of new ones, although looking at the list of researchers who helped write it I think everybody has already seen it.

  • Goldfish in the Dorms Not quite as exotic as a Babel fish but still nice. The ultimate student pet, doesn't pester you for walks, food, or anything really, but then again it doesn't do much either... rather like your average student. So if you're now dying to get a fish, read this and see what minimal effort you need to exert to get one.

  • ICQ OK I know a lot of you already know what this is but, for those who don't, it should help to convert them.

  • Kudzu Any gardeners out there, except John the gardener that is? Think you have problems with weeds, you know, a few dandelions here and there. Well you ain't seen nothing compared to this stuff. Not quite up there with triffids, but still pretty nasty stuff. Still us monkeys still find a use for it... read all about it here.

  • Monopoly Board Game An all time fave this one, but if you have no idea what it is then you must have had a very sheltered existence. A short but perfectly formed entry about one of the world's best-loved board games.

  • Napier - New Zealand's Art Deco Paradise I don't get the urge to travel much but the sound of this place makes me want to sit on a plane for the best part of 24 hours. The place just sounds so much better than my own neck of the woods. Find out why this place is a must visit for anyone down under.

  • Parkinson's Disease Purely personal reasons why I bring this entry to everyone's attention, as my Grandfather suffered from it for many years. If the h2g2 medical team carries on with the amount of entries they are producing we'll be able to start our own clinic soon.

  • Sadako and the Peace Crane The story of how one small child can affect a nation. After reading this it makes me think there may be hope for the human race yet.

  • Surviving on Little Sleep I know this was one of last week's entries, but I just didn't have time last week. Surviving on little sleep is something I do on a regular basis and this neat little trick works quite well. Find out how to trick your body and screw up your body clock even more.

  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld Been a bit of a fan myself I just couldn't let this go unmentioned. If you have a bizarre sense of humour then the Discworld series will appeal to you. Get a taste of it from this entry then go out and start reading the books. But it will take you a while; there are quite a lot of them.

  • Tick if You do Not Wish to Receive Further Information Why do you get tons and tons of junk through your letterbox? Because you didn't tick that box on the bottom of that form you filled in 10 years ago that you needed an electron microscope to see. The answer to why ticking that box is so important is right here.


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