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November 26th

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Demon Drawer

1922 Charles M. Schulz creator of Peanut's cartoons was born.

November 9th

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Golgo (Researcher 121745)

The German Republic was declared in Berlin - two times.
The social-democrats declared the republic at 2 p.m.,
the communists at 4 p.m.
Hitler attempts to seize power by marching his followers to Berlin. He was arrested after a few miles while still in Munich.
1938(or was it 37?):
Throughout Germany, Nazis and their sympathizers
smashed the windows of and set fire to jewish
temples and businesses. This night of crime became known as the
"Reichskristallnacht", Reichscrystalnight, because of the streets in
all major towns were littered with broken glass.
Guenther Schabowski, member of the east-German Politbuero accidently
declares that a new law about free travel for all east-Germans becomes effective immediately. Hundreds of thousands of east-Germans
rush to the western borders. As the crowds gathering at the checkpoints grow larger and larger, the Politbuero sees no other way
to avert a serious disaster and loss of face than to open all borders
and allow it's citizens out. This day was celebrated espescially in Berlin with massive partys and people climbing on and over the wall
at the Brandenburg Gate. It seems a miracle that no one was shot by east-German border guards. To this day, the 9th of November is celebrated as reunification day in Germany.

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