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Merci mille fois merci!

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Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

Dear Munchkin,

Thank you sooo much for the lovely drive around Scotland. I so enjoyed it and also all the news about the hydro-electric station. I fear that a trip like you have done is way beyond me, so it is super to do it by proxy. I am going to download this and then reread it at my leisure.

what was the ironic twist about the first whisky that you tasted?

Kind regards to you both.

also Ran1 smiley - schooloffish

Merci mille fois merci!

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The first whisky, Auchentoshan, that I bought in Inverary is made in Glasgow. Indeed, it is the only whisky made in Glasgow itelf, or at least very close to Glasgow. The irony being that we had travelled all that way into Argyll and got very wet indeed to buy something that I could have got the bus to. smiley - smiley

Merci mille fois merci!

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Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

Thank you for the explication. One needs to be a whisky drinker to understand the irony of the situation.

"Coals to Newcastle" is the term I believe!!. Anyway, as long as you enjoyed it.
I so enjoyed reading Sprouds contribution in the Post sabout his climb in the Chamonix area. I am scared stiff of heights, but so admire people who can climb. Your drive along that coastal road sounds pretty Hairraising!.
I await the Lake district travels with keen anticipation. I wonder if you went near Borrowdale? That was the suburb in which we lived in the "old" days in Zimbabwe. There was also a Troutbeck in the mountains, where K. learnt to cast and fish for trout. So many places in the Colonies were given names of places in the UK which the homesick colonials were missing like mad.
Regards to you both.
also Ran1 smiley - schooloffish

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