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This site is ment to foster the growth of the Guide; that which we've all come to rely on for information, entertainment, and intelligent conversation; by bringing together, online and off, Researchers, ACE's, and Sub-Editors of the Greater Rochester Area. For purposes of this site, Greater Rochester can be thought of as Monroe and the surrounding Counties; Wayne, Ontario, Livingston, Genesee, and Orleans.

This site can become part of a greater Entry, including all of Western New York; this could include Buffalo, Syracuse, Jamestown, Ithaca, Elmira, Finger Lakes, etc.

This site will not give out personal information; i.e. telephone numbers, addresses, etc. It will provide a general location, based on County (or town, if preffered). E-mail addresses are requested, not required. ICQ numbers and AOL IM names (or any others; yahoo, microsoft, etc) will be supported on this site, if provided.

These statements can (and probably will) be altered and added to. The purpose of this site is to bring growth to the Guide, specifically in the Rochester area. I hope Researchers from this and surrounding areas will find this site and post comments/suggestions in the forums below. I am open to suggestions.

People of the Area

Monroe County

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Wayne County

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Ontario County

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Livingston County

Genesee County

Orleans County

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Since I don't have any entries in the area, I'll have to post one from around the Buffalo area I wrote...

It might drop off, though, as it's newly subject to approval.

Wraping it up

Anyways, I hope to hear from my fellow h2g2 researchers soon, both the ones I know and the (hopefully) many that I don't. Feel free to post if you aren't from the area. As I said in the first section, I'm willing to do an expanded Summary on Western New York as a whole. Suggestions and Input are welcome. Help?

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