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Alternative Brews, Amherst, New York, USA

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Alternative Brews is a pub in Amherst, NY, USA, near Buffalo. It is located on the north side of Route 324 on Sheridan Road between Sweet Home Road and the I-290 expressway.

Some Important Information

  • With over 150 domestic, imported, and microbrewed beers, there is certainly no shortage to choose from. The menu includes brewed ciders and flavoured brews, among others.

  • Cigars are available. There's even a menu for them.

  • There are blues bands playing most weekends.

  • Wonderful service. So wonderful that if you don't argue, you can occasionally get free beer.

  • Tile walls with the names of certain club members. Interesting to read, at least. If you try hard enough, you can get your name on a tile. The various clubs include 'The Brewmaster's Club' and 'The Deck Club'.

  • The entire common room is ringed with empty bottles and cans of different types of beer. They are located on shelves above the head and are fun to look at.

  • Lots of people on weekends and a deck for use in the summer.

Just Part of the Menu

  • Dinkelacker (Pilsner)
  • Carlsberg (Lager)
  • Three Stooges (Lager)
  • Catamount (Porter)
  • Bodington's (Ale)
  • Dos Equis (Amber Brew)
  • Guinness (Stout)
  • Red Hook Black Coffee (Stout)
  • Sam Adams Cream Stout (Stout)
  • Silverback Gorilla (Stout)
  • Spaten (Lager)


At the time of writing, prices range from $3.00 for most beers, up to as high as $12.00 for 25 oz. bottle of La Chouffe. Most beers are under $6.00, even the rare and special beers. It is not the cheapest place to go and drink, but likely one of the more enjoyable.

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