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Happy new year, Happy new year,

May we all have a vision now and then...

Some people do indeed have visions, like DNA, the founder of this site, and author of so many great books. Without his vision, we wouldn't be here now, and although most of you might have found other online communities or websites, I know I wouldn't have. My life would be so much poorer it doesn't bear thinking of. But I was lucky. Because DNA had a vision. And set out to make it come true.

Now I'm not exactly somebody who has a vision, but fortunately for me (and you?!), other people have. Take our latest volunteer group, the h2g2 AViators, initiated by Smij, and taken on by Skankyrich after Smij had left the building. The group now has its official YouTube account, and the first approved videos can be watched there. And what's more: we now have a 'sub' group, the Beeblecasters. Again, somebody (Smij, with Skankyrich taking it on) had a vision, and somebody got it started. The Beeblecast Trial has proven a huge success.

And what do I contribute? I try to support it as best as I can: by experimenting with software like Windows Movie Maker or Audacity, by writing the odd poem, by browsing the guide for suitable entries/stories/poems, by replying to forum messages, and by spreading the word - in short: by volunteering. It may not look like all that much, but it is my way of giving back a bit, of saying [...] and thanks for all the fish - although I'm glad it is not really fish what all this is all about. And it's even rewarding, because people are more likely to comment on a YouTube clip, than they are to comment on the written word, so you have the feedback. The number of views is tremendous, so even if there were no comments, you'd at least know that people watched it.

And what's the outcome of all this? you may ask. It's easy: if I, who doesn't know anything about flashy software, and hardware, and how to use it, can learn (within limits) enough to contribute, so can you! And if you still think this is asked too much for whatever reason, then please, at least go and spread the word!

And as it's only mid-January, I think it's not yet too late to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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