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My Mates Birthday

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My mate is having her birthday on Friday.smiley - cakesmiley - hugsmiley - bubbly It's so frusrating, because all she's gone on about is that. She goes 'oh, I'm getting a new phone, and you'd better get me a pressie!'smiley - erm I keep threatening to take back the present. I haven't though.
This happens at everything- including when she's ill. She phones me up going 'oh, I puked and you could see the carrots and chips and a random bit of meat!'smiley - sadface

smiley - chocGOLDSAILORsmiley - choc

My Mates Birthday

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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit first cleaning the carrot mess smiley - smiley

"Hi there and < <./>Welcome</.> > to HooToo smiley - magic

Congratulations with your friend smiley - ojsmiley - smiley

smiley - chocsmiley - milksmiley - teasmiley - diva "

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