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Below I have given you a list of ten people who have been President of the United States of

America, below each is a further list of three time frames one of which is the correct dates of when

that particular President was in Office. All you have to do is sort out which of the three possible

answers is the correct one.

If you would like to send your answers to us here at smiley - thepost we will give
you a mention in the next edition. An email address has been handily provided for you below the

What year Mr President?

  1. Ulysses S. Grant
    A. 1861-65
    B. 1977-81
    C. 1869-77

  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    A. 1837-41
    B. 1933-45
    C. 1901-09

  3. Ronald Reagan
    A. 1977-81
    B. 1981-89
    C. 1989-93

  4. George Washington
    A. 1789-97
    B. 1889-93
    C. 1989-93

  5. Theodore Roosevelt
    A. 1837-41
    B. 1933-45
    C. 1901-09

  6. George H.W. Bush
    A. 2001-present
    B. 1989-93
    C. 1993-2001

  7. John F. Kennedy
    A. 1945-53
    B. 1963-69
    C. 1961-63

  8. Abraham Lincoln
    A. 1974-77
    B. 1893-97
    C. 1861-65

  9. Richard Nixon
    A. 1969-74
    B. 1945-53
    C. 1974-77

  10. William J. Clinton
    A. 1993-2001
    B. 1897-1901
    C. 1989-93

Send your answers to [email protected], please include
your h2g2 researcher name and 'U' number, so credit can be given where it is due.
Correspondence should be with me no later than Tuesday 5th October 2004

Those that Deserve a Pat on the Back

The Trophy Winners are -
greenkinsy - All Ten Questions Correct.
Kandyman - Nine Questions Correct.
Pond_Rat - Nine Questions Correct.
quizzical - Nine Questions Correct.
St Demon Drawer - Nine Questions Correct.
A. St Justin - Nine Questions Correct.
SupremeEarthworm - Eight Questions Correct.

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Faintly Flexible 'F' Word Answers

  1. Knit brows.
    B. Frown
  2. Story, esp. supernatural one.
    C. Fable
  3. Boneless piece of fish or meat.
    A. Fillet
  4. Gossiping, frivolous, or restless person. Is it...
    B. Flibbertigibbet
  5. A squall of wind. Is it...
    B. Flaw1
  6. Bewilder or disconcert. Is it...
    C. Flummox
  7. Dowdy old-fashioned woman. Is it...
    A. Frump
  8. About to happen. Is it..
    C. Future
  9. Thick cloud of water droplets. Is it...
    B. Fog
  10. Bring or come to an end. Is it...
    A. Finish

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