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The Jammy Bunts, Dish Sculptures and Tamagotchi-toy Theory Issue

Do you think anyone ever reads these John?

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In this week's CAC-Comic we have an educational bit, a how to make something creative bit and a business bit. In that order. No, there's no Page 3 bit. Nor a Sports bit. There's more than enough sports on TV as it is. So what if this isn't TV. Any complaints; there's a box somewhere at the bottom of the page. Any letters to the editor; there's a box somewhere at the side of the page. For a quick exit there's a back button somewhere up there.

Hey! I said; Do You Think Anyone Ever Reads These John?

The Bill of Fare. (There's a Hill of Fare somewhere near Aberdeen. Wonder if there're any Bills there. Sorry, where was I. Oh yes, up against the colon):

Educational Supplement: A2977374 as defined by U94173.

Ok, Ok, I Heard. Nope

Exercise Your Creativity Supplement: learn how to make A2977400 with U37846.

That's what I thought... we could test it. You know, by...

Business Supplement: U834225 presents his A2977419. Reviewed by ~jwf~
'S/he makes an interesting point about the mood of America being caused by a loss of humour

which is a direct result of new economic realities and political correctness in regard to the Japanese.'

Yes I know. I think someone's done that already.

This week's contribution from the CAC Continuum was selected from the Alternative Writing Workshop and the undergrowth of h2g2 by Waz, in the never ending search for gems for the UG.


The boilerplate:

And, finally, a warm thanks and a cold nose to those who have helped, offered help, almost but not quite assisted but haven't gotten in the way, and those with alien tracks on their foreheads and Groucho ashes in their breast pockets. We couldn't do it without you.The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This box of processed imitation cheese food inspected and packaged by (tonsil revenge)!

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