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Playing a game of chance for the past decade or so and winning has given me a healthy respect and desire to believe in chance and luck. I don't mean the 50/50 chance of tossing a coin and getting heads. I'm talking about the idea of always picking heads because it's lucky, or using a certain coin for what ever reason.

Without realising it, and sitting down for a painting session, luck made its appearance. I'd been toying with the idea of dropping the Bretonnian warband altogether because I couldnt get a consistantly flat yellow. Yet luck demanded otherwise.

About a year ago I sat on my bed with a bunch of models ready to watch Braveheart. I intended to use the film as a basis for some conversions based on a broadsword wielding, kilt wearing, charging man. Yet I didn't mainly because my ability at the time wasn't good enough. So I sat there painting a new entry (see below) when it hit me. The British in Braveheart have lots of variations on the yellow colour scheme, with the favoured at the moment being a checked yellow and red pattern. Oh yes reader/s, by the time you read this I will have one painted!

In more prominent news, I've decided to be bold and enter the hardest category there is. Why? Well because, again, fate stepped in. Whilst testing how to paint large flat yellow areas I ended up painting a rather nifty tank (see the site). From here I decided to paint a leader of the same race, and it's grown from there to be honest. The model looks slightly breath taking, although I was highly enraged yesterday when my mam shouted me in the middle of painting something about half as wide as the tip of a pen.

Category 1: Warhammer 40,000 single miniature

Yah ha! The hardest category indeed! I have spent the last two days painting the most amazing figure I have ever done. It looks truly stunning and I have only the sword and the robes to finish. Even if it doesn't win it's likely to go on the site and even if not should fetch a pretty penny on a certain auctions site.

So far this entry is looking to be the most succesful as it's nearly bloomin' finished.

Category 3: Warhammer 40,000 vehicle

Speaking of tanks, I went on a casual search to see what I could see and found a variant of the tank I have. Now in all my years of gaming I have never been so tempted to buy a model, yet each time I've gone to buy it I've remembered the robot sat in pieces awaiting construction. I think this entire category will have to wait.

Category 5: Warhammer single miniature

After deciding to enter category one, I have decided this one is a no go this year. Next year however might be a different story...

Category 6: Warhammer regiment

*reads back notes*

Okay I haven't received confirmation from the guys who run the event, so my peasantry warband may yet be illegal, meaning a lot of wasted time. Instead, I am opting for a unit of men at arms. I will spend this week doing a few test models in order to see whether a checked, halved, or possibly yellow with red chevron scheme is more appropriate for the models.

On the plus side, the models have arrived leaving me with plenty of stuff to experiment with and options I didn't have earlier.

Category 7: Warhammer Monster

As with category six this one has to go on hold due to the simple fact that I dont have the model yet. Time is tight yet so is my budget. Bummer.

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