Aerosol Deodorant

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It is a well known fact that body odour offends most people. For this reason, Aerosol Deodorant was invented. It is produced in small metallic canisters which squirt short sharp bursts of liquid sealant onto your skin in an attempt to block sweat ducts and trap liquids (and therefore odours).

The less effective versions of this product have a pungent odour of their own which is designed to mask all of those natural smells that it fails to stop in their tracks.

This is an incredibly useful product to have with you at all times, not least for its ability to become miraculously transformed into a powerful flame thrower with the judicious use of a lit match held in front of the nozzle whilst spraying. Warning: Point away from face at all times.

Do not confuse with Aerosol Cheese, which is an equally effective sealant, but has a counterproductive smell of its own.

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