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The Humble Hunchback
A week into the project and things do not bode well for the humble hunchback

I apologise to anyone reading and to the mighty Shazz et al for missing a deadline1. This was due to a computer gremlin. Clever man Jim however has fixed it. Ta Jim.

This has meant one major painting session. For about the past three nights (Assuming today is Friday) I have hacked, glued and painted my way through about twenty odd test models. More to be revealed later.

This little enforced break from the PC2 has also allowed me to assess the time I have left. The event takes place on October 3rd. I also have to factor in possible moving time for University3, Freshers week, and any other such messing about. To put it simply, readers, I am running out of time far too quickly. This means I have to take a new approach to this entire project. Either its built by next week or it doesn't go. I simply won't have the time.

And that's it really. I really am hitting the floor running with this at the moment. The question is how long can I keep up a seven hour painting session (on the plus side theres some fantastic comedy on BBC 7 at 6 am).

In related news, I have created the site to show pictures of my entries and painting - but haven't added any pictures yet.

Category 3: Warhammer 40,000 vehicle

I've hit a bit of a snag. That is to say that the dimension of the models leg have become an issue that I dont think I can work around.

The idea was that the model would have its legs tucked up and its guns straight out. However, the entire leg is one piece, and I don't think I can remove the knee piece without damaging the detail.

This leaves me with either getting two sets of legs, slicing them both in half and using the top and bottom off two different legs to preserve detail - although it'll cost me quite a bit to do this. Or alternatively find some way of covering the joint up itself.

Bitting the bullet with this entry is going to be more then difficult I have to admit. I've been looking forward to doing this one simply for the hundreds of ideas I've got, yet I don't want to do a half-hearted job. I think I'll start this one either Monday or Tuesday.

Category 5: Warhammer single miniature

I'm still pondering about this category. I'm considering it...

Category 6: Warhammer regiment

Progress. Although I haven't fully settled on my flat yellow and black colour scheme, I am still considering whether or not it'll work. The yellow I have is old, but has seen me through these past few weeks quite nobly and I'm considering whether it deserves to see this project out.

Hopefully by the time you read this I will have linked and posted pictures of my test models, including my first attempt at a quartered pattern on a horses barding (Aka armour) and the small progess on its

I have also begun to consider the base and have worked out that I can fit roughly two knights and eight retainers on it to look like a warband.

Category 7: Warhammer Monster

With probably one of the most crucial parts not arriving, I'm considering dropping this one all together. I'm really disappointed about this and I'm still wondering whether I can do a mad dash in the last week or so and give it a shot.

However, until the parts arrive there's nothing I can do whatsoever.
Damn Postman Pat!


After a week without PC and sleep, I can safely say I'm focused on
this. I'm not bothered if I lose just as long as I get the damn things

Asmodai dark

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1I never miss a deadline, must be that other chap.2Personal Computer or Precious Cable – you decide.3By the time you read this everyone should have results. Good luck to all.

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