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Some places I think you should go include: H2G2 Fiction and The Post. I'll have to think of some more to put in here

The Rules

a) I will post some questions which you will answer.

b) You will not post the answers here

c) I will undoubtedly misspell at least two questions, which you should ignore. The misspelling that is. Smartarse!

d) You will not post the answers here, for all to see

e) All answers should be emailed to me at [email protected]

f) You will not, PAY ATTENTION BOY OR IT IS THE HEADMASTER'S OFFICE FOR YOU, You will not post your answers here.

g) Please remember to tell me your H2G2 stylee name when you answer, so I can
atribute the scores to the right people.

h) Look, just don't post your answers here, it will spoil it

i) Any arguments over the answers will be settled outside in the car park, just you
and me, I can take you easily.

j) All together now; You will not post your answers here.

k) I normally post the answers and following round after about a week. Basically I wait
for the flow of replies to dry up.

l) If you leave a wee note in the sign-up forum below, then you will know when I post the answers.

Revenge of the Pub Quiz Round 5 - Answers

1) The first use of aerial bombardment was by the Germans on the UK in which year? 1915

2) What was the first state of the USA to ratify the US constitution? Delaware (1787)

3) What is an Epiphyte? A plant which derives moisture and nutrients from the air, but grows on another plant.

4) In 1956 where were the Melbourne Olympic Equestrian events held? Stockholm (due to strict quarentine rules)

5) In what year was the Wannsee conference that decided upon the Final Solution? 1942

6) In which year did Boudicca sack London? 61 AD

7) In what year was the battle of Marathon? 490 BC

8) What is the EU national anthem? Ode to Joy

9) For how long was Leningrad beseiged during the Second World War? 900 days

10) Parsees follow which religion? Zoroastrianism

Round Four Scores

Manolan 7.5

Bumblebee 10

Bagpuss "cough"

Brown Furby 7.5

Granny Weatherwax 9

Sunderlandsdeniro 8

The Total Scores

Argon0 41

Bumblebee 39

Granny Weatherwax 37

Croz 34

Brown Furby 33.5

Minerva 24

Manolan 20

Bagpuss 13

Titania 13

Swiv 12

Redfish 11

Mickey Thomas' Right Foot 9

And hence the winner is ...

Argon0! Waayy!

I may have to shoot a few friends before I do this again, just to get a bit more free time to make up questions. We'll see. Ciao, for now.

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