Spock's Hot Date

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Episode Three

Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Spock have a hot date

The ship was in darkness, it had been caught up in the middle of a major space storm. When the waters calmed, the Enterprise found itself drifting without power in a un-chartered sector of the universe

Bluey stumbled into the room. Kirk was still a little dazed from Sparkles light show and Spock was staring out of the window trying to work out where they were.

'What happened Spock, give me a full report', said Kirk.

'Well as I said captain, I put my arm around her shoulder and...'

'No, not your date, what happened to the ship! Where are we? Give me a status report.'

'Sorry captain, all the ships navigational computers are out of use. All I can say is that we are in deep space and without a paddle.

Bluey looked at Mr Spock and said , 'Hello Spock, I am sorry I passed out on our first date.'

Although not noticeable to the naked eye, Spock was blushing. He knew the real reason for Bluey fainting was his clumsy neck massage during their back row smooch.

Although the room was very dark, Kirk noticed that Bluey's hair had gone a light shade of pink. He walked towards her, pointed to her hair and asked 'Didn't you say you suffered from geographical hormonal syndrome?'

Before Bluey could answer, Spock walked over to her and plucked out a few hairs.

Bluey scratched her head, then rubbed her shoulder and gave Mr Spock a sort of 'you kinky or something' look.

Spock quickly analysed the hair and said 'Well according to my calculations, we are in much deeper space than I had first thought. Captain... I estimate somewhere between the Klingon and Romulan sectors, but I need more data to be precise.'

Bluey quickly held her hand up towards Mr Spock and said 'Don't move, stay where you are.', then she plucked out one of her hairs, handed it over to Mr Spock and muttered, 'I thought I was supposed to be the one falling for you, not my hair.'

A light started to shine from Sparkles belly button. Then she muttered 'I am sorry, I got carried away, I'm sorry.'

Spock moved towards Sparkle, picked her up in his arms, laid her in the middle of the room and then gently lifted up her blouse. Just as Kirk was about to stop him, Spock jumped up and said 'That's better. I can see what I am doing now, Captain.'

Suddenly there was a knock at the window. Kirk looked out and saw an unidentified ship firing small stones. Apparently they had tried with the standard communication systems but got no answer. A loud roaring voice said 'We were about to go away, but then saw a light on, do you need any help?'

Kirk quickly cut the words YES PLEASE out of an old blanket. Bluey held it up towards the window and then Spock and Kirk lifted up Sparkle so that her light could shire through the holes.

Feeling the two officers strong handsome grip around her arms, Sparkle got rather excited and her light shone brighter than ever before. The Universe was alight with the words YES PLEASE.

Soon hundreds of ships converged on the area, all curious to know what question or event could have led to such a big sign of approval.

Kirk quickly pulled down Sparkle's blouse, shut the curtains, shook his head and said '... And this was supposed to be a blind date?'

After various negotiations and hours of explanations between them, the various ships managed to drum up enough spare parts to put the Enterprise back into action.

Sparkle had turned into an intergalactic celebrity and soon left the ship to become a star. Any feelings Bluey may have had for Mr Spock soon disappeared after he insisted on plucking out even more hair to help calibrate the ships navigational computer.

Kirk and Spock were single again, free to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, although next time they are definitely not taking any out on any dates.


Is this really the end?


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