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Due to previous incompetence, we've moved.

In the Pokécenter Forum, you will communicate with other trainers, learn more about Pokémon, and challenge people to duels.
The rules are very simple1:
    Pokémon and Techniques must be from the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of the game. No Gold&Silver version Pokémon or techniques.
    Each Pokémon has 100 HP and four Techniques. The four Techniques must be capable of being learned by that Pokémon in the Yellow version according to Azure Heights, except that Lickitung learns "Lick," not "Wrap."
    No usage of Mew or Mewtwo, except by the member Mewtwo, who is one, and Mew, who is one. And no usage of Missingno, who knows Water Gun, Water Gun2, and Sky Attack.
    Battles must take place in the Gym forum. Only conversations must take place in the Pokécenter forum.
    I'm in charge of fights. Anyone who wants a duel must wait for other people to finish with their own, and then, they send out their Pokémon to fight. Each trainer lists the abilities of their Pokémon, and then, when the fight begins, the trainers say which move they want, and I'll flip a coin to determine who goes first. I roll a die. If it's one through four, damage dealt is equal to 40 minus the number of maximum PP for that move, divided by 10 and taking into account a modified version of Attack, Defense, and Special3 according to the Yellow version of Nintendo Power's Trainer's Guide, unless that move has certain abilities (i.e., One-hit KO or "good chance of critical hit"); if I roll 5, it's a critical hit (damage multiplied by three); if I roll 6, I flip a coin to determine whether it's a miss or failure, unless it's Swift, which never misses. If it has some chance of a side-effect, I use a random number generator I wrote in BASIC to determine whether the side-effect works or not, according to the most recent issue of Nintendo Power.
    No usage of items (Full Restore, X Speed, Poké Flute, etc.), and no usage of attacks that decrease the target's ratings (Attack, Defense, Speed, Special) or increase their own.
    Any of the levels of any Pokémon (i.e., a Level 70 Pikachu) will be summarily ignored. Level numbers are NOT taken into account. (Which is why Ash's Pikachu is so easy to beat with your own teams.)
If anyone wants to fight me, they must first fight the eight gym leaders, followed by the Elite Four: Lance, Gary, Ash, and me. You may heal your Pokémon at any point between battles until you reach Lance, at which point you may have to worry about your Pokémon running out of HP while challenging the Elite Four. If/when you defeat the Elite Four, you can fight whoever defeated me last. That's it! Let's go!



There is definitely going to be a "Gold League".


Some people may be spelling it Pokemon instead of Pokémon. To make the é, on Windows, hold down ALT and press 1, 3, and 0 on the keypad in that order and let go of ALT. On a Macintosh, I think, hold down Control and press e and ' in that order. On an iMac, drop dead.

Oh, and one other thing: if you become the League Champ, you have the option of fighting Mewtwo...
1Okay, maybe not.2Yes, I meant to say it twice.3If it's a physical attack, it's multiplied by the user's Attack and divided by the defender's Defense; if it's a special attack, it's multiplied by the user's Special and divided by their Special. A Golem should not use a Special attack against an Alakazam.

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