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I want a 6th Hitchhiker Book!

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Captain Venom: (Making his triumphant return to H2G2!) Proud Keeper of ...

As DNA himself said in the introduction of "The Salmon Of Doubt", the story should really be another Hitchhiker book, "but [he didn't] feel like writing another Hitchhiker book". I would really like to see that Hitchhiker book. Anyone who's read Salmon knows what I'm talking about...

I want a 6th Hitchhiker Book!

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Robert Wall [Undead]

*in a "stalk CV for a while" mood smiley - winkeye*

Are you talking about the half-finished, confusing kinda-story that was printed in Salmon of Doubt?

I want a 6th Hitchhiker Book!

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tikibobber (Researcher 207777)

he explains why it isn't a hitch hiker book, and so it isn't. now he's doed so stop complaining, he can't write anymore.

I want a 6th Hitchhiker Book!

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Robert Wall [Undead]

Maybe someone else could finish it?

BTW, that wasn't a particularly... subtle comment, tikibobber.

I want a 6th Hitchhiker Book!

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not that i'd be against someone else writing it but do u really think it could stand up to DNA's amazing insight put into such a humorous wy, combined with his totally random way of making things accidentally fit together. If so that would be great, but id read it either way prolly.

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