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Heather's memorial

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Goddess of Purple 7s

Heather was known for her chaotic energy. She was vibrant and also completely nuts. While she maintained her mental status of this as true since she was neither a danger to herself or others she wasn’t hospitalized. Her unique perspective on life is lost now to the world, and we’ll always morn the loss of her energy from this world. She also talked too much had a bizarre sense of humor where even when explained her jokes made no sense to the rest of us. One was often left wondering if she was merely laughing at us rather than the joke. I think we should all appreciate her one last joke as she asked for cinnamon rolls to be served and for this statement to be read “Life, death these things happen without our control. Every decision we make in life affects us, minute to momentous, which is which it not something we differentiate, well at least I can’t anyway. So the best advice I can give you is don’t spend your life worrying about death. Instead sit in the sunshine, be polite to at least one person a day, try something different, eat vegetarian for at least a week, and enjoy cinnamon rolls to their fullest, after all take away life and death and all you’re really left with is cinnamon rolls.” Now instead of the traditional moment of silence she asked for this song played for “funerals and memorials are much too staid”. *Smile by Vitamin C plays over the speakers whilst the people in the pews eat their cinnamon rolls.

Heather's memorial

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Thanks, Goddess of Purple 7s. Any lifestyle that orbits cinnamon rolls, even glancingly, has my instant and lasting respect. Here's to Heather! smiley - ale


Heather's memorial

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Goddess of Purple 7s

Thanks muchly, I happen to believe so too!

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