Prominent People in History

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Welcome to the Prominent People wing of the h2g2 Historical Society.


People make history, people record history.

People are history.

Below are some Entries about people who have made history, written by people who have chosen to record it.


New additions this week include: Joan of Arc, Peter Jones (1920 - 2000), Anne McCaffrey, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jake Thackray, Loudon Wainright III

The following linked Entries have recently received Official Approval: Wesley, Charles.


The most recently dear-departed.

Prominent People

Alfred the Great (K of the West Saxons)

Alighieri, Dante

Attila the Hun

Bonny, William (aka Billy the Kid)

Borodin, Alexander Porfir'yevich

Boru, Brian

Brecht, Bertolt

Buffett, Jimmy

Clapton, Eric

Clemens, Samuel

Conon (Pope)

Cook, Captain James

Dirty Simon Girty

Dylan, Bob

Dunlop, John Boyd

Edward II (K of England)

Edward the Elder (K of England)

Egbert (K of Wessex)

Ensor, James Sydney

Eorcebehrt to Ealhmund (Ks of Kent)

Ethelbald, Ethelbert, and Ethelred (Ks of England)

Ethelwulf (K of Wessex)

Everett, Kenny

Fawkes, Guy

Fleming, Sir Alex

Gaililei, Galileo

Gandhi, Mahatma

Harris, Rolf

Hendrix, James 'Jimi' Marshall


Holt, Harold (Australian PM 1966-67)

Hugo, Victor

Joan of Arc

Jones, Peter (1920 - 2000)

Knopfler, Mark

Lennon, John

Lessing, Doris

Lord Kelvin (Physicist)

Lovecraft, H. P.

McCaffrey, Anne

Man in the Iron Mask

May, Brian

The Prophet Mohammed

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Olivier, Laurence

Packer, Alfred aka The Colorado Cannibal

Powell, Adam Clayton Jr.

Rank, J. Arthur

Robert, Henry Martyn

Sadako & the Peace Crane

Schultz, Charles M.

Scott, George C.

Shakespeare, William

Short, Beth aka The Black Dahlia

Smith, Adam (Economist)

Snell, Willebrord


Stanshall, Vivian

Thackray, Jake

Thatcher, Baroness Margaret

Wainright, Loudon III

Wesley, Charles

Wodehouse, P. G.

Yoko Kanno

Zappa, Frank

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