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Me wuz trapped in da lift las' evenin.

Not fuh well long tho'.

An' I iz not well scared hof dem small spaces,

So dat's wicked.

This lift is monitored 24 hours a day by Remote Elevator Monitoring (REMĀ®)

But me did check

Dat I would not dig dyin

In da stinkin box-fing

In da henclosed punani

In da mingin hotel

Hat da side hof dis friggin hairport

In the unlikely event that the lift stops between floors, press the button in the panel below

I would dig dyin wiv da winders opun

An' da sound hof ma bitches chatterin

Jus' hout dere in da sun

Thank you. Shortly, you will be in direct communication with Otis

Aiii! Who iz dis Otis geeza? Iz e me bruva? Is it coz I is black?

Maximum Respeck, Ben

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