A Conversation for Cheese, Why It's Better Than You And Everything Else (UG)

Cheese vs. Halo 2

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Julian Panzerfaust

Can cheese beat Halo2?

Cheese vs. Halo 2

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What's Halo 2?

Cheese vs. Halo 2

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Cheese vs. Halo 2

1. Cheese doesn't require you to have an Xbox attached to the Internet merely so you may begin eating the cheese.

2. Cheese doesn't suck up all your free time. You may, however, suck up cheese in all your free time.

3. If Halo 2 crashes, you can reboot your Xbox. If cheese crashes, you'll probably need a mop, or at least a rag.

4. If you modify your Xbox, Halo 2 refuses to let you play with it. Cheese, however, remains aloof to your hardware and will never "take its ball and go home."

5. If someone kills you in Halo 2, you can "respawn" and hunt down your killer. If someone kills you in cheese, you're done for, mate. Cheese is final. Cheese is for keeps.

6. If you don't like Xboxes, or game consoles, or even computers, you may still enjoy some cheese, although that's less likely for no-Xbox, console-hating Luddites than it is for Mac users. Obviously, they really, really love cheesy things.

Cheese vs. Halo 2

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Cheese makes a TERRIBLE partner while playing co-op and is not to be trusted!smiley - run

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