A Conversation for Cheese, Why It's Better Than You And Everything Else (UG)

Cheese, fridges and kangaroos

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Skankyrich [?]

Whilst I agree absolutely with everything you say about the superior qualities of cheese (although it would be nice if you could open a can of worms by discussing Danish Blue's superiority to everything ever), you got me thinking.

Specifically about fridges. Instead of Schroediger going on about his cat, why didn't he just use the fridge as a metaphor? If the fridge door is closed, we don't know if the light is on or off, probability, waffle, can't be half-on half-off etc. etc. etc. Apart from the obvious point that fridges weren't invented in his time, couldn't we make the whole thing easier to understand? We could call it the Hootoo Fridge Quandary. I fully expect this to be taught in schools forthwith.

And to be ridiculously pedantic, the word "kangaroo" actually means "horse" and not, as popular myth goes "I don't understand/know". It was a similarly funny but far more complex misunderstanding, largely involving a mix-up in Aboriginal languages. Having said that, I do prefer the "I don't understand", not least because it's far easier to explain.

Cheese, fridges and kangaroos

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smiley - boingBoth cheese and kangaroos bounce, although the kangaroo does it under its own power. And as an aside, I thought rebokk was Aboriginal for kangaroo.smiley - huh Are there any Aboriginal cheeses? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Cheese, fridges and kangaroos

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