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Perfection is something that everybody seeks, yet somewhat ironically nobody can find since perfection is a condition that cannot exist in this reality.

When a point of perfection forms, the perfect choc and nut sundae, for instance, it becomes too 'heavy' for this reality to bear, and the very skin of reality stretches. The object/condition/choc and nut sundae falls through between the threads of reality into the 'unreality' beyond. Since reality is elastic, it quickly contracts back to its normal shape, and everything appears as before, except for the disappearance of the perfect object/condition/choc and nut sundae.

This would explain the strange disappearance of the choc and nut sundae that once existed in my fridge... It was not actually eaten by my wife, it just attained perfection and slipped into unreality.

That's what my wife says anyway.

Further experiments are under way with various objects and foodstuffs to ascertain the conditions necessary to reach perfection. So far, a doughnut, a cream horn and a five-pound note from my wallet on top of the fridge have successfully become perfect - although the three-week-old lettuce in the bottom of the fridge and the cat's litter tray contents show little sign of making the transition into unreality.

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