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What is the meaning of wife nowadays? Many men who have undergone a marriage will argue that wife isn't what it used to be, but are hesitant to state whether wife today is better or worse.

Many swear by it, others swear at it. Some argue that modern wife is expensive; others live happily with just the riches that a working wife can offer.

Many men believe that there is only one wife, some believe in wife after death; others can't wait that long and start their second wife early; a few even believe in parallel wives but overall more and more men don't believe in past or future wives at all.

So, as you can see, the meaning of wife is very difficult to understand even after having heard the answer on more than one occasion from wife itself.

So I thought that I would ask.

Q. What is the meaning of wife?

A. You mean the meaning of life?

Q. No, I mean wife. I have come to terms with life.

A. All wives or just yours in particular?

Q. Well, start with the easy part first then tell me about my wife.

A. Are you sure you don't want to ask me about the meaning of life? I've had more practise in answering that one.

Q. Ok, what is the meaning of life with my wife?

A. I will reply to only one question. If I answer this one then you will have blown your chances of knowing the answer to the meaning of life.

Q. Ok, I understand, so what is the meaning of giving me a wife?

A. Now, don't get personal, are you trying to accuse me of something?

Q. Sorry no, but as I understand it, in the universe nothing is actually left to chance, so I was just wondering, with all the possible wives to choose from, why you chose this particular wife for me?

A. Umm. I see what you mean, but to answer that question, or better still for you to be able to understand the answer I give, then I will first have to answer the question to the meaning of life question.

Q. Sorry but I don't understand what you're on about... Are you a wife?

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