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Q. Instead of artificial intelligence, why didn't you just make us brainier?

A. I have been doing that for centuries, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Q. But why do we need more intelligence?

A. Just take a look at some of the stupid things you've been doing lately.

Q. So artificial intelligence is here to help us get things right?

A. No, it's here to replace you.

Q. You mean, we will be relaxing whilst it does all the menial tasks?

A. Yes, you will be lying down still 24 hours a day without having to move a muscle, whilst it does all the things you are doing now.

Q. Sounds great, I can't wait!

A. See? I was right, you're all stupid.

Q. Yes, that's why you gave us artificial intelligence.

A. Umm, you're definitely ready for the next generation.

Q. Next generation, will I be able to do everything faster?

A. Yes, but you won't need to as you will be relaxing helping me in the garden.

Q. Sounds great, I love gardening.

A. Hope you like daisies then.

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