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Come off it, everyone has a favourite guitar player! It's just a fact. And here, we'll show just who the favourite on h2g2 is.

It works like so. You go to the forum there, and tell us who your favourite 5 guitarists are. #1 scores 5 points, #2 scores 4, #3 scores 3 etc. And over time, the results will be accumilated and we'll have a long list of names with their points next to them.

Thanks to Mrgrunt for inspiring this.

The votes

Eric Clapton (63)
Jimi Hendrix (61)
Mark Knopfler (31)
Frank Zappa (24)

Jimmy Page (15)
Brian May (14)

Dave Murray (14)

Carlos Santana (14)

Joe Satriani (14)

Janick Gers (11)

Steve Vai (11)
Ry Cooder (10)

Joe Perry (10)

Stevie Ray Vaughen (9)

The Edge (7)

David Gilmour (7)

Pete Townshend (7)

George Harrison (6)

Kerry King (6)

John Abercrombie (5)

Ritchie Blackmore (5)

Kirk Hamett (5)

James Hetfield (5)

James Iha (5)

Geddy Lee (5)

Johnny Marr (5)

Pat Metheny (5)

Gary Moore (5)

Tom Morello (5)

Django Reinhart (5)

Joey Santiago (5)

Jeff Beck (4)

Ross Childress (4)

Ezzer Clazzer (4)

Phil Collen (4)

Jonny Greenwood (4)

Ben Harper (4)

Ronnie James Dio (4)

Robert Johnson (4)

Mark Linkous (4)

Slash (4)

Pepe Romero (4)

Ralph Towner (4)

John Wiliams (4)

Dickie Betts (3)

Matelot Ferret (3)

Marty Freidman (3)

Robert Fripp (3)

Bill Frisell (3)

Jerry Garcia (3)

BB King (3)

Mike Oldfield (3)

Andres Segovia (3)

Kim Thayill (3)

Chris Rea (3)

Ed Roland (3)

Muz Skillings (3)

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (3)

Steve Bright (2)

Roy Buchanan (2)
Kurt Cobain (2)

Justin Crook (2)

Dick Dale (2)

Phil Danter (2)

Steve Earle (2)

John Hammond (2)

Skip James (2)

Jewel Kilcher (2)

Al Di Meola (2)

Thurston Moore (2)

Todd Rungren (2)

Mike Rutherford (2)

Jake Thakeray (2)

Neil Young (2)

Pierre Bensusan (1)

Dave Brewer (1)

Shane Carter (1)

Les Claypool (1)

Dave Clempson (1)

Albert Collins (1)

David Gilmour (1)

Alan Holdsworth (1)

Huey (1)

Daniel Johns (1)

John Lee Hooker (1)

Graham Kendrick (1)

Chan Kinchla (1)

Annie Lennox (1)

Matt Murphy (1)

Hank Snow (1)

Edward Van Halen (1)

When you have people with the same amount of points, they'll be listed in alphabetical order. Ok? Danke.

Vote for your favourite drummers here.
Ormondroyd has concoted a massive list of band's websites, which you will certainly want to check out. It includes a good few of the names mentioned here.

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