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Life is a Jigsaw,

Much fun is to be had..

The peaces fit together,

The picture starts to form.

Life is a Jigsaw, but not a child's game.

Life is a jigsaw,

Bits go in, parts fall out,

The pictures complex and the puzzles never finished till the end of all things

Then who shall see? Who will be the one?

Will it be you or me? No.

Life is a jigsaw,

Forming pictures in our mind.

We put it together, we take it apart but the puzzle still remains

The final masterpiece formed by you and me

Together living, not yet in harmony, Never in harmony.

Life is a jigsaw,

That much is clear.

The rain drops, the forests tall,

Peaces like ants swarm over the tabletop.

The gods don't play chess with the lives of mortals.

No! Because life is a Jigsaw. That’s all that can be said

Life is a jigsaw,

What parts you put in is up to you

Life is a puzzle never to be solved but we must form the picture,

From birth to death we play the game, some cheat. Others not so much

Life is jigsaw. Don't throw away the box.

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