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This week

CAC-C features the work of two ladies.

Flameofgold and Darth Zaphod.

As well as being of the same gender the two ladies we feature this week both love words and have lively imaginations. Beyond that, such differences as location, education, age, musical tastes and favourite colours remind us just how unique each h2g2 researcher really is.
What they do have in common, their good writing, is what concerns us here.

...further to my last issue when I first introduced her...

has been writing madly on a variety of subjects and is well on her way to complete h2g2 addiction. We hope to feature some of her short fiction in a future issue.

But first, we note with some excitement that her experience here at h2g2 so far has inspired her to consider the qualities of a good web site and to compare it with lesser cyber-destinations.


These are the Dutch Masters?

Ark B or Not Ark B ~~~ What was the question?

Darth Zaphod
is an old hand (for such a young American) at AggGag/CAC entries.
For the past year or so she has also contributed her own column to smiley - thepost called
In Other Words

One would think information on the origins of our human race would be essential to any Guide to the Universe. smiley - bigeyes But we are featuring Darth Zaphod's account of these creatures because Peer Review has, in its often inexplicable way, ignored and dismissed her comprehensive entry on

Those familiar with DNA's 'Adventures of Arthur Dent', will know that The Golgafrinchams are the race of beings who settled our planet Earth some 2 million years ago. And if you haven't read the essential works, then this piece will bring you up to speed on our glorious Golgafrincham heritage.
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I've Stopped, alright? I've stopped.

This week's featured entries are brought to you by

and not just because these two ladies are friends of~jwf~

So if you'd like to have us criticise and belittle

your creative efforts, please click on the submissions button there

and post a link (the A-number) to your entry.
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