Meet Mr Inquisitor [Redux]

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Meet Mr Inquisitor [Redux]

Stepping into the hotseat this week for your derision and sco... I mean for your entertainment is Feuille, music enthusiast and part time Jedi.


So to get into the swing of things, I'll start with the easy questions. With Coldplay 'selling out' with an ill-disguised dance track on their last album, Travis becoming increasingly 'samey' in their songs, and the charts being dominated by Pop Stars, Pop Idols, Pop Star Rival Idols 3 in Space, and a certain novelty rock band from Felixstowe1, is British music finally on it's way out?

Well 'British music' seems a bit of an umbrella term to me. I don't know if you can really say... there are some really good not-that-famous bands around that, I hope, will catch on - Kinesis being one of them. They're very politically minded and good musically - one of their major influences being Muse; I don't think you can mention British music without mentioning that band! They're amazingly popular all over Europe, Japan, Russia, and they're getting famous in Australia and America. Listening to them, you know that somewhere in Britain there are fantastic musicians. It's just the teeny-boppers of Britain are letting us down a bit with things like the Pop Stars, things like that. Also, what's wrong with a bit of novelty... better than the sameyness, no? They're good for a laugh I think.

Personally I prefer Travis to the Darkness, and a good friend of mine is a Kinesis fanatic, but I digress. Looking at your space, you claim to be a 'Sci-Fi Freak'. In that case, do you pronounce it 'Sky-Fie' or 'Skiffy'? And who'd win in a fight out of Princess Leia Organa (in Gold Bikini) or Seven of Nine (in skintight lycra)?

Trust a guy to ask about a fight between two less-than-demurely clad ladies... but now I digress *wink*. Well Leia fights dirty, I have to admit, and she's got the chain to use as a weapon, but Seven of Nine has borg-enhanced strength, and seems to have martial arts training from/somewhere/... got to be Seven of Nine. Easily. Leia doesn't have the Force as her ally!

And as for pronounciation:, it's neither of yours, I say it 'S-eye F-eye', so there.

Tsk. Any true skiffy fan knows that Leia would win! Right, whilst we're on the subject of pronunciation, do they really all start each sentence with 'Ooo-ar' in Devon? And what exactly does it mean?

Well I have to confess I hardly say 'Ooo-ar'... maybe the occasional 'Ar' but that's normally when we're talking Pirates of the Caribbean. What it means, well, I guess it depends where you hear it: perhaps in the Ambrosia Custard advert ('Ooo-ar! It's Ambrosi-ar!') It means 'Wow! Look over there! Some nice viscous liquid dessert!' Who knows...

What's the point in having dialectal slang that nobody understands? In Manchester we say 'Mad Ferret' which means 'an insane weasel-like rodent'. And while I'm on the subject, why is it that Manchester seems to have produced more truly great bands than anywhere else in the world? (I mean Oasis, James, New Order, Stone Roses, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Charlatans, Doves, to name but a few)

What's the point? Perhaps to give a sense of mystery to an otherwise quiet county... Anyway I'm not answerable for my area's dialect, you'll have to go to someone else...

And Manchester? Well I've never been there, not been to most places in England, so I wouldn't be able to say... maybe it's so boring that they need to make good music to have something to do? I know that's why Muse got together in Teignmouth. And I suppose it's what you mean by truly great as well - not disputing most of the bands you just listed I think most of them are very good, worth listening to... I may get stoned or something for this but I'm really not a fan of... Oasis... Doves are lovely though.

To be perfectly honest, most people get stoned to listen to the Roses or New Order... Anyway, now my almost penultimate question. If you were going to be marooned on a (fully furnished) desert island and you could only take one person and four items with you, who and what would they be and why?

Fully furnished, eh? So I don't need to take someone who actually knows how to put up a tent, dig a toilet, that kind of thing...

I'd take my girlfriend Hannah with me, can't be without her... A solar-powered satellite phone to call for help help, cos we won't last forever, my Steinway grand piano cos I can't be without it for more than a day or so, lots of paper and many, many biros for, uh, writing... Can that count as three so far? Pen-and-paper? Hmm. A solar-powered laptop with internet capabilities, somehow, cos I don't know how long we'd be there and the backlog that builds up here on h2g2 can be enormously scary. *grins*

A desert island, alone, with your girlfriend, and you'll want a laptop? There's no accounting for some people. Anyway, now my actual penultimate question is a chance for you to do a bit of self-advertising. Do you have any particular skills you'd like to share with the community such as writing, and is there anything you want to plug?

Well she can share it with me...

Plugging time! Well I'm a bit of a writer, for fun, and at A2317484 there's my story based on my time at the Jedi Academy - an rpg here on h2g2, which I'll shamelessly advertise as well, as it's great fun even when you don't have a mission to do, it's A1116622. Craxus is setting up a Magician's Guild, and I'm helping him out a lot, so keep an eye on it and we'll start taking people at/some/point. Watch our journals, we'll say when it becomes active. Anything else? Uh, not that I can remember. Except, the cosmetics/soap/bath stuff shop chain of 'Lush', they're fantastic, and everyone should buy from them. And Muse are fantastic. Okay, now I'm done.

I'm not entirely sure I can advertise firms... But we'll see. Anyway, the final question in all it's pomp and tradition is, as always...

What's the most important thing you've learned through being a member of h2g2?

Oh goodness. Um. I think probably I've learnt that you can trust people that you've never seen in real life; I've had troubles with trust in the past that coming online has really helped. It's possible to make close friends, even though you can't see the other person. And that you can spend hours upon hours holed away on your computer and be sociable at the same time. Heh heh.


So, a big thanks to the girl voted 'Most Likely to be an Internet Hermit' by her peer group in High School. Also I'd like to point out to HPB that I can, and just did, do a whole article without mentioning him.

So there.

If you'd like to be in the hotseat next week, or you know someone who needs interviewing for the good of the community, get in touch via the lovely shazz.

Anyway, I've been the slightly less new Mr Inquisitor on a learning curve, Au Revoir!

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1The Darkness for those of you that hadn't guessed. Heathens.

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