The Tale of Three Weapons - Chapter 15

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Chapter Fifteen - The Awakening

The duo were trying to awaken their weapons' power. Suddenly, when Josh rested his weapon on a stone, it fell through to the other side.

'I thought it was safe in here!' said Rastlin. Then he realised Josh was pulling out more stones. 'Are you crazy?'

'Don't you see it?' exclaimed Josh.

'No, I can barely see anything in the... that isn't outside, it's...!' said Rastlin.

'A secret room,' said Josh.

'Here, let me dig while you find a torch,' said Rastlin.

'Here are some magic torches that don't rot like normal ones,' yelled Josh from across the stadium. 'Fire!' he yelled, and a fire ball shot out of his staff, lighting the torch.

They went in. It was a large room with writing on the walls, a forgery oven and a great stone table.

'Forgery! The making place of the two!' said Rastlin, following Josh to the table.

'Look,' said Josh, 'it's like it's telling me to put my staff on the table, but only at the same time as your swords.'

'Same here, except for me it's telling me to put my swords on with your staff,' said Rastlin.

They put them on the table and immediately the swords and staff arranged themselves so that the staff, between the two swords, was lengthwise on the table and pointing east. Then the swords turned themselves until they crossed like a X, the tops pointing north-east, towards the top of the table. They then glowed so brightly that Josh and Rastlin were temporarily blinded. When the glowing stopped, the weapons were in their hands. Writing started appearing as if it was being written by a unseen hand. These were then somehow magically translated by a voice from some invisible being.

This is how its words would be read in our language. Though missing many things that have no words in our language, this is how would be best understood to us:

Whomsoever find these weapons, beware, for if you are not true bloodline of the great Xelon Swordmaster and Thelis the Wise, then you shall be struck dead — although if you are reading this you must be true blood of the greats. These weapons shall give you great abilities, but be wary: they shall only fit the wielder's soul, for if you are weak of soul these shall soon destroy you. But if you are strong of soul you shall have the full ability of the wielder. These weapons will also help you through many a struggle, so never let these weapons leave your side. They are very powerful and may punish those full of dark and uncaring and therefore will make you regret their abuse. These are true weapons. They will only awaken with true, brave spirits. If you have survived this trial of words you are truly ready to wield the mightiest of weapons, but if ever used for needless evil then remember these words and repent your evil deed.

This is very rough compared to the true words, which have killed many who have heard and read them, so even if the original was still in existence, you would be killed just to hear it.

Josh and Rastlin were stunned speechless. They stood there for hours before recovering.

'Wow, I shall never forget those words,' said Josh with awe hours later.

'Yes,' said Rastlin, helping break the silence, although he was also in awe.

'Well now, I just wish I could hide this place so that no evil may destroy it and the spirit residing here that spoke so solemnly to us,' said Josh.

Josh suddenly looked at the beautifully crafted katana — the first weapon the forger had ever made, yet still unique, like the day he first thought of making a sword to combine both broadsword and smallsword to make the ultimate weapon.

Then, suddenly, Josh's staff turned into a katana like the one on the wall.

Rastlin saw it, then told him to come out so they could fix the wall. He started lifting heavy blocks of stone that the ten strongest men of this time could not lift.

'They are awakened,' said a spirit, appearing in the room as Rastlin put the last stone in protect them. 'Master them, love them and remember me so that I may stay alive in spirit and will not disappear through the wall. Please return my spirit from the evil one so that I may take my eternal rest.' Then it faded away, continually talking of the Dark One.

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