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The big news for Dr Who fans last week was that an actor had finally been chosen to play the ninth incarnation of our favourite Timelord. Filming starts later on this year and hopefully the new series should be on our TV screens next year. To celebrate we have come up with a tantalising teaser of a quiz, all you have to do is sort out the correct answer to the questions below. To make it easier as always we have helpfully provided three answers to each question, so all you have to do is sort out which answer from those given is the correct one.

If you would like to send your answers to us here at smiley - thepost we will give
you a mention in next week's edition. An email address has been handily provided for you below the

Doctor ?

  1. Which actor played the first incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. William Hartnell
    B. Kenneth Williams
    C. William Harris

  2. Which actor played the second incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Patrick Stewart
    B. Patrick Troughton
    C. Patrick Moore

  3. Which actor played the third incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Tom Baker
    B. Bill Pertwee
    C. Jon Pertwee

  4. Which actor played the fourth incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Tom Baker
    B. Colin Baker
    C. Colin Firth

  5. Which actor played the fifth incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Colin Baker
    B. Peter Cushing
    C. Peter Davison

  6. Which actor played the sixth incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Peter Davison
    B. Colin Baker
    C. Colin Powell

  7. Which actor played the seventh incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Sylvester Stallone
    B. Leonard McCoy
    C. Sylvester McCoy

  8. Which actor played the eighth incarnation of the Timelord. Was it?
    A. Joe McGann
    B. Paul McGann
    C. Mark McGann

  9. Which actor will play the ninth incarnation of the Timelord. Will it be?
    A. Richard E. Grant
    B. Christopher Eccleston
    C. Rowan Atkinson

  10. Which actor played the part of the Timelord in the episodes entitled 'The Ark In Space'? Was it?
    A. Tom Baker
    B. Colin Baker
    C. Peter Cushing

Send your answers to [email protected], please include
your h2g2 researcher name and 'U' number, so credit can be given where it is due.
Correspondence should be with me no later than Tuesday 30 th March 2004


Those that Deserve a Pat on the Back

Thank you for sending your answers, there was a great response, here are those all important results. Well done to you all.

Gold medal

The Gold Medal Winners are -

Shazz - All Ten Questions Correct.
Toy Box - All Ten Questions Correct.
A Dr. Justin - All Ten Questions Correct.


Cunningly Created 'C' Word Answers

  1. expr. Astonishment.
    B. Cripes
  2. Shelter or shed for animals or birds.
    A. Cote
  3. Hard red, pink or white calcareous substance.
    B. Coral
  4. Butter-making machine.
    C. Churn
  5. Unit of weight for precious stones.
    C. Carat
  6. Small box for holding tea.
    A. Caddy
  7. French brandy.
    B. Cognac
  8. Small stoppered bottle for condiments.
    B. Cruet
  9. Sperated husks of corn etc.
    C. Chaff
  10. Perforated vessel used as strainer on cookery.
    A. Colander

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