The Great, Marvelous, exotically spiffing, H2G2 London Summer Meet 2004!

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Its time again for getting hyped up and generally rather to excited and bouncy regarding the next great social extravaganza of the year, the London Summer

So lets make, remake, finalise and buried in a small hole under a compost heap in West Riding, before being recycled as party paper hats and randomly lost on a tube train in West London.

We're a friendly bunch of people on H2G2, and every year we have two meets in London, one in the summer rain1 and one at Christmas2and, this year will be no different.

Having been bribed by a number of Researchers with offers of sexual favours and vast quantities of fermented vegetable products, I am oh, what's that word again? Ahh, yes, 'Organising' the whole thing...3.


After much arguing, conjugating, contemplation and general badgering with a good degree of bribing and pleas for help, a 'vote' was organised, and the date suggested which has won, and therefore upon which the meet is due to take place is: 10th July

Thanks to Coelacanth for organising the vote/pole and counting up all the votes4. if you can attend the meet on the 10th July, please Sign up here!.


Find out who is attending this social extravaganza

Afternoon Activity

Keeping with tradition, there will be an afternoon event, which younger and older researchers can attend alike.

This year we have again decided on a picnic in Hyde Park.

So, we plan to meet up at 1pm onwards near the bandstand for a mass picnic in hyde park.

Previous park meets have included softball/rounders for the energetic, and sitting chatting, drinking beer, wine etc and eating cake for the less so.

If you plan to attend the picnic in the park, please head over to A2752157 where we are getting an idea of how many are coming along (so we can look out for you in the park), and getting together a list of who is bring what in terms of food drink etc...

See Great Events of the Past.

Information about the Park

If there's a tube strike then get the bus. (Get it anyway! Much more fun.)
Transport for London home page for up to date information:

Bus tips: Kings Cross to the Kensington Road right by the park (you just have to cross the road) - number 10 , and you get to see Oxford Street on the way. The buses come about every 10 minutes. Liverpool Street to Hyde Park - number 8.

For anyone who wants to stay in London overnight this site can sometimes throw up some surprisingly good deals with massive discounts.

Evening event

for the evening event we have over the last few meets attended the Penderel's Oak which is located at 283-288, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7HF

We have attended this pub in the evening for several past meets, and this year we are now also booked in to their 'bottom' bar, from 6 PM onwards. No buffet/food is being provided as part of the meet, but food is available to order up till 9 PM. and This venue has the added 'bonus' of having the most grumpy bar staff in the whole of the UK, most of which apparently have qualifications in 'grumpy bar service'.

Here's map showing the location of the Penderel's Oak. For those going from hyde park, we have the option of a bus from there; the bus from Hyde Park to the pub - Number 8.

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you haven't attended a meet-up before or even if you have been to every single one, we have collected a few guidelines
together to make sure we all have a safe and happy time.

Transport updates!

Well, with potential nation-wide rail strikes destined to badger everything up at a moments notice, and the tube and general day-to-day-running, well, sloathing of the networks operating at its usual inefficiency rating of 100%, here is a section for news of transport troubles that might effect us getting to the meet, drop me a note if you spot anything we ain't got as yet


There is no District-Circle Tube-line running between Whitechapel and Earl's Court that
weekend, so alternative travel arrangements may be necessary.

1Though recently rock groups not rain have plagued the summer meets
2Though, keeping with tradition the Christmas meets are typically in January as it was this year, what little I remember anyhow. 3Send offers of sexual favours and free alcohol direct to 2legs.4 Maths isn't my strong point

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