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could anyone tell me how i go about moving to new york with children over 11 years and five cats and how i find addresses and jobs etc plus renting.i want to move around 5/6 years from now any help appreciated.
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I moved to Canada 6 years ago. I can identify some of the issues/problems:

A good place to find work is http://www.monster.com - although most postings get thousands of respondents. You will find it hard to get any work though unless you are in the country, unless you have rare skills that have a significant demand.

The school systems are very different in North America to Britain, you should contact one of the "School Boards" for the area you are looking at. Unlike Britain, almost everything in North America has a web site!

The cats may be a problem unless they are "house cats" it depends on how far in you plan to live, but in town the road systems are very busy and dangerous for cats. In the suburbs you have coyotes and racoons to consider as a threat (skunks too, but that's just [JUST???] smell). These animals are not a major threat to cats that are familiar to them, but a cat from Britain may only have encountered foxes who tend to leave cats well alone. You may also need to immunise the cats against rabies, you should check the local "Humane Society" for advice there.

When we moved, the people who bought our house loved cats so they stayed with them. This was a neat solution for all concerned, not least the cats! Cats do tend to be tied more to their environment than to people.


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thanks philbert

unfortunately i don`t own a house i rent so my main problem is i have friends in la but not ny also i can`t move there without a place to live and i can`t get a job if i don`t live there.i suppose i could look for a job as a nanny as i`m qualified but i really wanted to do something different,myson wants to be a wrestler hence moving to usa plus i want to start a new life somewhere where noone knows me i`m tired of england.any ideas?

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Canada is easier to emigrate too, so long as you score enough points. You can get a self-assessment booklet from Canada House. If you jave the points, you have to pay a wodge of cash and jump through a few hoops (medical, security ...). Once you are granted "landed" status, you have a certain amount of time to formally "land". Once you have landed, you must stay in Canada for at least 6 months in any year until you are granted citizenship (which you can apply for after 3 years or so.) It is easier to get into the US if you are a Canadian citizen.

For anywhere else you'd need to ask someone else. smiley - smiley

Canada is a much nicer place than the US, Toronto has only been displaced as the best place in the world to live after many years at number one (I can't remember what organization compiles the list.) Also being the second largest country in the world, it is hard to generalise on climate, geography etc., but Toronto is at the same latitude as the north of Spain.


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