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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

hullo, hullo

now, I realize that if you are still searching for a New Year's/Millennium hangover cure, you are probably in a pretty poor state...

However, here is my generic cure. This comes from thousands of dragonly years of experience and [it seems like] almost as many human one.
*AHEM* I AM a professional...

These are guidelines for the serious drinker. Some of these suggestions require preparation, and they also include many of the ideas contained in other suggestions. Which only proves that they work.

1. it is a good idea to eat BEFORE a night of serious drinking. Starches, carbohydrates, milk. Lines the stomach. [Slows down alcohol absorption or something]

2. [personal preference] dont go mixing yukky fizzy soda-pop with your whisky. you can go a lot farther on simple whisky & water. Generally, fizzy drinks and sugary drinks seem to create worse results. Now of course, if your tastes lean in that direction and your goal is to have a good time and dammmm the consequences--well then you should follow wherever your tastes lead you. I remember many an evening that ended with those guests that were still standing [or at least still sitting up] searching through the cupboard for the last of the banana liqeur, or the cooking sherry. So it is not always possible to drink wisely.

3. BEFORE passing out/going to bed try to take several asprin. I recommend plain, generic asprin. 3 or 4 of them. depending on size [yours, that is] Also drink as much water as possible with them, unless this would result in your stomach relieving itself of it's contents. The goal is to get the asprin into the bloodstream, not back out onto the floor. If you must substute other pain reliever, use whatever you normally take.

4. The first goal of the 'morning after' should be vitamin C. lots of vitamin C. and lots of liquid. My personal choice is lemon juice and water, with just enough sugar added to make it drinkable. Other choices could be orange juice, tomato or cranberry juice. Ideally, a jug should be by your bed with straw attached so that your head does not have to leave the horizontal position. And more asprin, if your stomach does not rebel. Sometimes this is too much acid, so you must pace yourself according to the needs of your stomach. Resist the urge to combine the orange juice with champagne, or the tomato juice with vodka...

5. When you are able to assume a semi-vertical position, it is time for the carbohydrates. Fried potatoes is an excellent menu choice. I lean towards something very bland, like 'cream of wheat'. buttered toast is also a possibility. The raw egg in the tomato juice would also be appropriate to combine steps 4 & 5. [The tabasco/worcestshire is IMHO only to take your mind off how you feel]

6. The final step is the only one that is absolutely, positively guaranteed to work. Time. Combined with as much sleep as possible to avoid conscious participation in the healing process.

And a merry new year to all...and to all a good night


dragonly solution

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Researcher 157327

Time heals all wounds.
And Time wounds all heals.

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