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A cellarmans solution

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Moons ago, but not that many, I used to work as a cellarman. One of the many awful aspects of that job was testing beer at 9 in the morning. It can not be done whilst still hungover, but a hangover cure? We, my asscociates and I, went in for preparation. Sounds like the stuff of serious drinking legend, but not so, just a little foresight is all. We found that a big greasy fry up was the best to start with, not the following morning once the damage was done, but before you start drinking. It seems that the grease in the fry up lines your stomach, so more alcohol gets digested rather than ingested (are those the right terms?) the booze goes through your digestive system and not your blood system. So less alcohol to deal with in the morning. The other thing we found was to drink slowly. I have /no/ idea why this is so, but it seemed to work for us.
But once the overindulgances were done, and the hangover set in, what to do? Again a bit of preperation was needed, for you're not likely to be in a state to prepare food in the morning. But a milkshake was found to be a good thing. The ingredients we put in were 1/2 pint Milk, 1/4 pint Single Cream, 2 table spoons Honey and a Banana. I'm sure there are reason why the ingredient worked so well, but I don't know them. All I can say is that this method worked for the eight of us cellarmen and pub landlords that used to go out on a regular basis and had to be at work around four hours after finishing drinking.
The other way is to drink on a regular basis and build up you immunity to hangovers, I haven't had one for a couple of years now. But I wouldn't recommend this last method as it leaves you rather unfit.
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A cellarmans solution

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