A Conversation for Festive Hangover Cures

Noahs Ark fried breakfast

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Is mise Duncan

..which is basically two of everything smiley - winkeye

For the best effect it _must_ have both black pudding (fried congealed pigs blood, mainly) and white pudding (similar to the innards of a sausage) and brown sauce. There is no vegetarian version, I'm afraid - but then you're probably too healthy to get a hangover in the first place.

Noahs Ark fried breakfast

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C Hawke

*Ha!* I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years, and my hangovers are the stuff of legend, after big sessions I am still sufuring 2-3 days later.

I also suffer from what I call cumulative hangovers. These occur after 3-4 days of moderate drinking (several large scotches a nite) and are as if I had had all that amount in one go.

As I said in another thread from this aricle, the amino acid NAC seems to be a winner. Intensive tests start in 48 hours. I will let you know. If you don't here from me in 76 hours you'll know it failed smiley - smiley


Noahs Ark fried breakfast

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It certainly sounds like it will release any remaining (unabsorbed) alcohol and associated toxins from one's system, but in the reverse direction to that which you would otherwise expect. Anything that involves the consumption of blood - dried, fried or consecrated, for that matter - sounds altogether like witch-doctor remedy if you ask me! smiley - winkeye

N Acetly Cysteine

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C Hawke

Well it's January, Happy New Month to you all, and I am alive, functioning, (enough to finish Half Life Opposing Force on Hard level) after a nite of many vodkas, finishing at around 3:30 GMT, and having taken several capsules of N Acetly Cysteine thoughout the nite. Normally after that much drink I would be lying on the bed screaming in pain as the Headache gives way to killer migraine.

So my reconmendation is go down to your health food shop or body building shop and buy some, take before, during ad after getting plastered.

Have Fun


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