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<SUBJECT>Mensa International</SUBJECT>
<P> A private international organization for the intellectual elite. <LINK href="">Qualification </LINK> for membership is a score in the top 2% on any approved, supervised test of intelligence. </P>

<P> There are no qualifications beyond this, so there is a wide variety of people belonging to this huge fraternity. You might assume that they are mostly research scientists and Trekkies and computer geeks, but that isn't true. There are penniless bum Mensans and wealthy tycoon Mensans; after all, superior intellect doesn't necessarily guarantee success. There are Mensan doctors, forklift drivers, lawyers, cabbies, and carpet cleaners. And of course, there are also the research scientists, computer geeks, and Trekkies. Mensans also come in all ages, races, sexes, styles, and flavors. </P>

<P> In an effort to prove that geniuses know better than anyone how to really party, the American chapter annually descends upon an unsuspecting city. While no one has yet been turned to salt at these Annual Gatherings, it has been expected for some time. The latest victim, the Hyatt Regency hotel of Long Beach, California, has since made a policy of booking only safe parties, like the US Hockey team and heavy metal bands. </P>

<P> Annual Gatherings aren't the only time Mensans get together. Regional Gatherings are held continually, and most members belong to a local chapter that has regular meetings. Meetings are generally social gatherings, with deep political or philosophical conversations as likely as arguments over football. Mensans are only human, after all. Some would consider that blasphemy, of course, but it may just be an oxymoronic tautological paradox. </P>


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