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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

I think your idea of Valentine's films is probably more "appropriate" than mine.
I was thinking of going for Casablanca and Brief Encounter. Or maybe Moulin Rouge.


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Post Team

It's possibly partly my fault, Swiv, as I supported this one. smiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - thepost


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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

all Valentine day films must end with them not together

smiley - winkeye


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I did review Moulin Rouge when it came out, if that's any use...

Well anyway it boiled down to what I actually had on tape, the only other option being True Romance - and as I'm scheduled another round of sniping at Tarantino in a few weeks as it is, I decided to pass on that.

Come to think of it, Some Like It Hot would've been an option too, as it's actually partly *set* on Valentine's Day.


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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

oh I like that one. That'd be a bearable Valentine's Day film.
Actually so'd The Philadelphia Story or Bringing up Baby, just 'cos they're so good!

few weeks... few months by the sound of it for Kill Bill Two smiley - cry

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