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smiley - cry

Now come on, that's hardly fair. h2g2 On The Move was great.


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Zak T Duck

Perhaps if we kick up enough fuss they'll bring it back.


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No, they'll just get even more annoyed and complain about us moaning! smiley - tongueout


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They're a bit short on technical guys at the moment by the looks of it - Jim Lynn's on his own!

So I don't really blame them for keeping it simple at the moment!


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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Mark Moxon's already said that it technical resources are not the problem. And it certainly isn't anything personal against WAP users. There is some UK legal barrier that currently prevents the BBC (and thus h2g2) from offering WAP service. Once the legal barrier is removed, h2g2 will more than likely offer the service again.


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What the Book did for me (add your story)

There was one site which made me get a wap enabled phone....
can anyone guess which one?
and for a bonus point can anyone guess why I'm really pinged off (wanted to use harsher language but BBC and all that...)

It does seem a shame regardless of reason. It was fun to be on a train or whatever and idly tap into your phone the word 'train' only to be presented with an entry on how to speak hebrew, or some such topic - it was just like in the books, completely sidetracked from what was going on at the time. I miss h2g2 on the move purely because it was the closest h2g2 has come to being 'real'
hmmm I rambe. I leave.


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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Whatever the reasons for discontinuing the service, I know from my time on h2g2 that it is not the h2g2 team's wish that the service be discontinued. Unfortunately, it had to be the best possibl solution to keep the project running, or else the h2g2 team would surely have looked elsewhere... As an ACE and a GURU, can I suggest that complaints like these, that are not the fault of the h2g2 team, should be discussed with people at the BBC. In other words, take this outside and make it noticed beyond h2g2, I'm right behind the reasons for you being unhappy, so why not find a place to voice them where something might be able to be done...

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