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A couple from New York went on a trip to Mexico last year . While there, they stopped at a sidewalk cafe for a quick bite .While there, a thin little animal came up to them, begging for a bite. The woman fed it, and when they started to leave, it followed them to the car. Feeling sorry for it, she talked her husband into letting her take it home with them. Knowing it was illegal to take it across the border, she hid it under her blouse when they came through customs. After a couple of weeks, it got really sick. She took it to the vet, but knowing that she had broken the law by bringing it into the country, she told them that the "chihuahua" had wondered into their yard. After a while the vet called her into his office. He closed the door and asked her where she had really gotten the animal. Indignant, she told him she had already told the truth, to which the vet replied, " Ma'am, that is a lie. That was not a chihuahua i just put to sleep. It was a large Mexican sewer rat."

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