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I quote: "...work alone in darkened spaces."
I defend: "We rarely get paid sufficient to exite enough electrons into flowing through a tungsten filament fast enough to make it glow."

I quote: "They are mostly incredibly witty,"
I defend: "We are."

I quote: "...are usually beautiful souls to spend time with."
I defend: "We are."

I quote: "...deliberately keep antisocial hours"
I defend: "Non-writers have kept all the available social hours. We're just making use of what remains."

I quote: "Writers, in an odd shift of physical precedent, rarely ever get what's coming to them."

Walter Bagehot (1826-77) defends (on our behalf)in "The first Edinburgh Reviewers": "Writers, like teeth, are divided into incisors and grinders."

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Copyright 1999 ©
My name is ________
And these are my words.
Well, they are not really my words.
I did not make them up.
I just put existing words
In this particular order,
And you, lucky you,
Just happen to be the one reading or listening to them.
They are not a gift from me.
They are a gift from…
Some source (you thought I’d say god, right?);
A gift from some Nordic seafarer,
Or Germanic tribesperson…
Or some Latin teacher.
Take my words,
If for some ghastly reason
You want or need to use them.
There is no price on these words…
At least not in this order.

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